Connect to Home SDA Consulting is here to help

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The SDA approval process takes that same team approach. Specialists working without the right support can miss the point of an SDA or overwhelm the client with technical speak. I stand by your side making sure you and the team get just what they need to achieve your success.

NDIS generalist support coordinators

I have been where you are. Too much to do and only so much brain space to do it with. I am the expert reference source that can share funds with you and take all that housing stress off your plate. You hand the housing project side of things to me and keep doing what you do so well. I keep you in the loop and hand it all back when the client is ready to move in.


Specialists can rely on me to understand how to read and reflect complex legislation into practical face to face support. I have my own range of preformatted templates and sample best practice SDA reports to help make reporting easier for therapists. I regularly work closely to help develop the best reports likely to get that all important SDA approval. I help make common sense out of the maze of rules and housing providers in the NDIS world.

SDA Builders/Property Managers and SIL providers

I often see the people who build, manage staff and SDA left out as an afterthought while we slug it out with the NDIS over the application! I build those relationships early and connect everyone to make sure every little bit of technology and other nuances is ready to go when the client is.