How it all works

First, you set the agenda by letting me know what type of housing you want, where it will be and what your special needs might be. We agree on a plan to succeed.

Next, I find the right specialists to take you on the journey right up to moving in with all the supports you need. I guide and support them to make sure reports and services all fit together perfectly.

Then, I move into the important phase where so many SDA applications and approvals fail. I get my report and all the evidence perfectly synchronised into one clear concise and convincing argument to the NDIS. I follow it right through including any appeals.

Finally, we get a result and do a little happy dance! Then I make sure your house is perfectly set up with all the technology and aids you want, sort out a new NDIS plan for more funds and ensure new support staff are trained and ready to go. Then you move in and enjoy it all.

And you want to know more about it you can always look at the FAQ section on this site or contact me for an obligation free assessment of your needs.