You say that you are an independent provider of support coordination. What does that mean ?

Good question !. Connect to Home SDA Consultants specialises in housing support coordination. I understand that truly independent support coordination must be fair, above board and beyond reproach. It is just too big a risk for conflicted interests which in plain terms means big organisations subtly or sometimes less subtly moving clients into their own services at the detriment of the client. It also often means stressed out support coordinators trying to be all things for all people. I just don’t think that is fair as it becomes more about profits than people. It also means the support coordinator you thought understood SDA may be winging it and not really understanding the process.


What area’s do you service?

I am based in Ballarat, Victoria but travel regularly. I work all across with Victoria as part of the growing specialised SDA industry.  The service can come to you in person or over remote connection for a no obligation free quote on services.


Do you charge me for pre-planning for my first meeting with the NDIS before I get my plan or for our first meeting if I have already got a plan.

My first meeting with clients is always free and without obligation. I am happy to sit with you and go over your needs and discuss strategies that have worked effectively for other clients I have represented in getting great first plans from the NDIS. We can also discuss exactly what I can do for you if you already have that plan and give you a schedule of how much my services will cost.


Your web site talks about advocacy on my behalf. What does that mean ?.

It means a few different things.  It means that I will champion your needs for you with other service providers and find the best deal.Also that I will connect you to quality providers during the SDA process and afterwards. I don’t walk away until you are well set up with your new home and the supports you need. It also means that you can rely on me for reports to use in the future with the NDIS and mainstream agencies. My reports clearly describe; what we did, what worked well and what opportunities might exist for you in the future. You can use this to deal with your NDIS planner and other service providers. I am also more than happy to talk with them to help them get where you are coming from.


I have a significant physical functional impairment. How can I be sure you understand how to work in that space ?

I have worked extensively with health services, physical therapists and other specialists in the field. I understand the challenges of both physical and mental health functional impairment. I don’t claim to completely understand each life situation. What I can say is that I work alongside specialists in each field including specialist support coordinators who understand their special interest field. My role is all about getting the best information from people who should know into a report and off to the NDIS to get SDA approved.


Do you have any academic or other training qualifications to show me you should know what you are doing ?

Yes. I have undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in psychology. I am a qualified trainer. I have a certificate IV in Disability. I am multiple ongoing professional development training qualifications from industry specialist groups. I continue to upgrade my qualifications continually.


Are you a member of any professional groups that support your ongoing development and expertise ?

Yes. I a member of the Australian Psychological Society, Disability Intermediaries Australia and National Disability Services.


What if I go through the whole SDA process and don’t get approved for SDA. Won’t that be a waste of my time and funds ?

It could be. My first session is always free. We can understand what your likely chances of success are. If they are slim or some information is missing I may well help organise some more therapist reports and other ways of proving you are eligible for SDA. I do  not start the SDA journey with someone who is not properly prepared for it.


You say that you are a child safe service provider. What does that mean ?

That means the service has developed a visible and accessible series of practices and procedures that comply with the Victorian Child Safe Standards. For example, you can view a copy of our Child Safe Code of Conduct and Child Safe Policy on this web site as well as links to useful resources on how to identify, respond and report child abuse. Our practices and procedures for keeping children safe are designed to give our customers a clear understanding of how we recruit, supervise and train to be safe when working with children. Our approach also shows our customers what procedures we have in place for reducing the risk of child abuse as well as what we will do in terms of reporting child abuse if we identify it or receive a report of harm to a child occurring.

If you have a question that is not covered here, you can contact us by clicking on this link.